About Us

Welcome to Gameking Blog, the inadequately named site committed to surveying Xbox One, PS4, PC and VR games with no of the PR horse crap that you find in the greater locales like IGN and Gamespot. I’ll give you my legit contemplations on each game I play, and attempt to convey nitty gritty surveys that spread all the significant stuff, from the designs to the interactivity to whether you can pet the pooch.

Concerning me? Hello there. My name is James Briden and I live up in bonny Scotland where I was brought up. I’ve been gaming since I was around 7 over an assortment of stages. And afterward a few years back I chose that expounding on games seemed well and good. There wasn’t any otherworldly aha minute that I can recollect. There was no glimmer of light pursued by acknowledgment smacking in the face. No, I simply wanted to peruse, cherished video games and some way or another chose that expounding on them seemed well and good. My initial work, in a word, sucked. My present work sucks, as well, yet my underlying work sucked more. Nowadays there’s somewhat less sucking.

It’s presently quite a while on and, to my everlasting shock, individuals appear to like what I’m composing! I get Emails from kind people guiding me to keep it up, remarks from others and a lot of dazzling words from a lot of enormous, and obviously better, gaming locales out there. I even get games sent to me from distributors with the goal that I can expound on them, and cool chances to look at other stuff like mice, consoles, headsets and even PCs! It’s staggering! Along these lines, everything I can say to the individuals who read my work, send me mail and remark on my audits, is bless your heart!

However, toward the day’s end, regardless of whether only one individual is understanding it, I’ll be composing it, and if no one is understanding it, despite everything i’ll be writing in my scratch pad. Why? Since I see expounding on games as purifying, a method for managing Cystic Fibrosis and life by and large. It doesn’t fall into place easily or effectively to me. In fact, I’m a moderate author, however I battle through and ideally figure out how to create some sensible work.

Outside of video games I love to swim and play the drums. I claim a white German Shepard called Laoch, venerate motion pictures, read a great deal of books and funnies, play tabletop games and have an obscurely mocking comical inclination that doesn’t get brought out in my composing excessively. Dull mockery doesn’t work recorded as a hard copy.

The objective is to just speak the truth about how I feel about some random game. Surveys are naturally abstract and consequently while I will endeavor to be reasonable and give as great a diagram as I can, at last you’ll be perusing my sentiment.

Honesty is critical. It’s ending up progressively difficult to trust the video game business and the organizations that spread it, as secondary passage arrangements are normal. I don’t have anything more than my promise to offer you, however I will never accept kickbacks or paid promoting to cover a game. At most I’ll acknowledge free audit duplicates of games since I just can not stand to purchase a steady supply of titles to discuss. It’s simply me composing this stuff, and ideally after some time you can come to confide in me.